Established as a strategic investment to boost the floriculture industry, Bella flowers Rwanda mission is to grow into a pioneer of excellence in the production of high quality roses for export to international markets.

Developed on 65Ha of land in Gishali, Rwamagana district, Eastern Province, the farm is situated at an altitude of 1500M above sea level, about 65 km from Kigali International airport via the main Kigali-Rwamagana road (approximately one hour drive) and 9 Km from the main road, accessible via a good road.

Bella Flowers farm enjoys a moderate tropical climate with bi- model rainfall, and temperatures ranging between 17 to-25 0C in the rainy season and 25 - 360C in the dry season, with humidity of 60% -75% during the rainy season and 55%- 60% during the dry season. The farm has access to excellent water from the adjacent Lake Muhazi with a Ph 7.8 and EC of 0.05.

Infrastructure set up include greenhouses covering 20ha under production, a large capacity packhouse with two cold rooms, a ferti-gation unit powered by Galcon water management system managing the feeding of plants, fully equipped workshop, water reservoir with water pumped from nearby lake Muhazi, and staff houses.

Our professional and dedicated team have established a modern and efficient crop management system and quality controls both in the field and the processing to ensure client satisfaction

Exports to international markets kicked off in September 2016 to Holland and still expanding to other markets across the world.

Bella flowers strives to provide its esteemed customers high quality roses with guaranteed fulfillment of specific requirements.