The arrival of a newborn is a joyous moment as we celebrate a life’s miracle. It is exceptional more so when it comes at Christmas day, making it the perfect moment for extra celebration. Babies are beautiful gifts, the family and society acknowledges that going forward that will be Christmas-birthday combined celebration.
Tens of babies were welcomed throughout Rwanda. Bella Flowers joined mothers to welcome their newborn miracles at King Faisal Hospital and Hospital la Croix de Sud (Kwa NYIRINKWAYA). A basket of flowers was an appropriate way to congratulate mother as they welcomed their newborns.

With Muhumuza Fidèle, Father of the baby Girl at King Faisal hospital. photo by Ephrem

“Flower industry is still very young in Rwanda and there is immense potential for growth of both the industry and the flower culture. Flowers add sentimental value to our lives. Bella Flowers appeal to Rwanda citizens to use fresh flowers from Bella Flowers Gishali farm in their events. Flowers can be used in birthdays, weddings, at homes, funeral send offs, graduation parties, marriage proposals, gifts; the list is endless. Use our fresh cut flowers to express love, passion, friendship, beauty, elegance, joy, sympathy; traits that are only expressed by living things. There are flowers and colors for every human emotion at Bella Flowers and flowers say more than words.” Elizabeth Kung’u, Marketing Manager of Bella flowers Ltd.

The market of flowers in Rwanda has boomed over the last 10 years but a lot needs attention to push this industry to sustainability level. Artificial imported plastic flowers have previously dominated the industry. The share of natural flowers has significantly increased overtime where roses dominates with 70% of the flower market, about 75% of the flowers are for wedding decorations, 15% for funerals and the remaining 10% for gifts, office and home decorations. We call for a balance in these market segments, the share of gift segment is still small and the growth of these segments can significantly boost the flower market and will benefit growers, wholesalers and retailers.

Developed on 35ha land in Gishali, Rwamagana district, Eastern Province, 65km from Kigali International Airport. Bella flowers Ltd is a private company registered in Rwanda with the main objective being investing in the production and export of fresh cut roses under the mentorship of National Agriculture and Export Board (NAEB). It is part of the Flower Park Project developed by the Government of Rwanda as a strategic investment to boost the floriculture industry. The company has started production of cut roses in July 2016 and the company’s mission is to produce high quality roses for export to international markets and earn foreign exchange.

The farm site location offers proven growing conditions for premium intermediate head size standard roses, with production yielding an average of 100,000 stems a day. In 2017, exported stems of flowers were 13million to Holland, the world’s largest flower market. The flower local market has also shown a tremendous trend in growth, Bella flowers market share increasing to 75% from 40% the previous year. Last year Bella flowers has sold 5.15million stems of flowers to the local market and projects 20% market share increase in 2018.