Bella Flowers hands over a house worth Rwf 8 million to genocide widow in Rwamagana

Bella Flowers Ltd, a private company operating in Rwanda involved in the production of cut roses supplied to local and international markets has donated a house worth 8 million to a genocide widow in Rwamagana district.

The decent house was constructed to replace the existing old one that was about collapsing.

Xaverine Kankuyu, the beneficiary who received the house is one among people who survived in former Muhazi commune. She survived with two children while five others and her husband were killed during the genocide.

Her new house is built in Akanogo village, Bwinsanga cell of Gishari sector in Rwamamgana district. It is constructed with cooked bricks, has three wide rooms and a sitting room.

The Chief Finance Officer of Bella Flowers, Muganga Walter said the idea of building the house emanated from close collaboration with Gishari sector which selected the beneficiary.

“They led us to this old woman who survived the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi. He was living in a seriously destroyed house. It was likely to fall in case it rained. Then we decided to build another house and demolished the old one,” he said.

Muganga explained that the company is committed to contributing to the welfare of the community where it pays Mutuelle de Sante for its 600 workers and 300 residents in Gishari sector.

Kankuyu has thanked FPR-Inkotanyi for rescuing her and continuous support from the government comforting her from the dark past she passed through. She explained that the previous house had been built by Caritas and was damaged that it would collapse one day.

“I sought support from sector officials. The conducted advocacy leading to building this house. I have a thankful heart because I had never dreamt sleeping in such a house,” she revealed.

The mayor of Rwamagana district, Radjab Mbonyumuvunyi lauded Bella Flowers for efforts to support needy Rwandans beyond businesses.

“When we officially inaugurate such house, it means that we restore life to genocide survivors, taking care of them, that government leadership hears their concerns and never forgot them,” he said.

Mbonyumuvunyi called on other development partners to root on current progress to build the desired nation.

Bella Flowers practice agriculture of flowers on 40 hectares with 600 workers.